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Making reservations for lunch at Automata is the ideal way to catch up on what’s hot in the local food scene and have an experience in fine dining that would be hard to beat. If the futuristic, industrial decor doesn’t wow you, the food is guaranteed to please (not to mention, totally photogenic).

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Why Automata should be on your go-to list of restaurants in Chippendale

With the opening of The Old Clare Hotel, Automata is a restaurant in Chippendale that is unique in every sense of the word - from its innovative menu to its industrial décor. With double-height ceilings, industrial bench tops and furnishings and floor to ceiling windows, you might understand why Automata attracts fashion-forward foodies from all over Sydney that share an appreciation for refined culinary technique and minimalist presentation. Diners can expect an innovative five-course menu filled with flavour combinations that are a surprising mix delightful and challenging at the same time.
They’d agree that there isn’t a restaurant in Chippendale and in all of Sydney that is quite like Automata, and it all comes down to head chef and co-founder Clayton Wells. He makes a point of creating an art form on every plate served. Picture a Jerusalem artichoke ice cream with nutty accents, black sesame sauce and a sweet and sour prune sauce, coupled with compressed slices of pear assembled on the plate like fish scales. Named Time Out’s Chef of the Year for 2016, and The Weekend Australian Magazine’s Hottest Chef of 2016, his innovative take on contemporary dining has created a long-lasting buzz in the Sydney foodie scene, differentiating Automata as one of the best restaurants in Chippendale.

And one you’d definitely want to bring your friends to.
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