Delicious: World's best Chef joins forces with Ox Harvest to tackle Australia's shocking food waste

Massimo Bottura proves he has both cooking skills and kindness in spades with his upcoming Aussie event.

Massimo Bottura may be renowned for his creativity in the kitchen, but it’s his conscience that is really helping him to make waves in the food industry. The Italian chef has used his profile to create non-profit organisation Food For Soul and set up not one, but two soup kitchens in Milan and Rio to help those less fortunate.


The greats align for a one-off experience. Marco Pierre White, who needs no introduction, joins his former protégé Zonfrillo – the trailblazer of Australian cuisine – and Wells who was crowned Hottest Chef of 2016 by The Weekend Australian. Three powerhouse chefs and personalities at the pass creating a menu never to be repeated. Guests will also receive a copy of Marco Pierre White’s White Heat. Six courses including beverages.

Gourmet Traveller: Tasting Australia returns

Tasting Australia takes a significant leap forward with a fresh line-up of ambassadors and international guest chefs for 2017.

The Town Square concept that creates a vibrant alfresco food village in the heart of Adelaide remains the hub for events from 30 April to 7 May, but will expand to include a pop-up glass-walled restaurant, a large communal fire pit for the use of a bevy of street-food stalls, and more wine-education events.

Gourmet Traveller: Chefs support the children of Syria

The Syrian conflict is one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. With so many people in danger, it's more important than ever right now to lend a hand, and in March top chefs around Australia will do just that.

The #CookForSyria Australia campaign follows on from the success of the UK version, which raised more than $350,000 and produced a best-selling book.

The Australian campaign is a month-long initiative that sees cooks from all over the country doing what they do best to raise money for children displaced by the conflict.

Delicious: 10 of Australia's Best Chefs join forces for #COOKFORSYRIA

A new nationwide fundraising initiative lands in aid of the Syrian crisis.

Food brings people together, and none the more so than when there is a good cause involved – like the #CookForSyria campaign which will shortly launched Down Under. The initiative acts in assistance of UNICEF Australia’s Syria Crisis Appeal for Children, which will integrate a month-long campaign beginning on Monday, February 27.

Good Food: 10 tips for eating at hatted restaurants on a budget

Ugh. Budgets. The wet blankets of good times. Like dietary requirements and sunrise. A spell of penny-pinching doesn't have to mean Mi Goreng and bread dipped in something runnier than bread for every meal, though. You can still eat out and you can eat out well.

Here are 10 tips for dining at Good Food Guide hatted restaurants when you want your eight-textured chocolate cake and a house deposit, too.

Chef of the Year: Time Out Food Awards 2016

It's a rare thing that a chef succeeds in both pleasing and challenging their diner with every dish they put out. But fear doesn't seem to faze Time Out's Chef of the Year, Clayton Wells. His intelligently conceived, thoughtful and deceptively complex plates of food amaze, educate and inspire us every time we go into his inaugural restaurant, Automata. He understands flavour in such a unique way that it's hard to compare him to any other head chef working in Sydney right now.