AFR: Australia's Top 100 Restaurants 2017

fermented plums, onions and fried capers dish

The Australian Financial Review is proud to again present Australia's Top 100 Restaurants awards. Our top restaurateurs and chefs have ridden Australia's modern prosperity and the global foodie craze to become a signature national industry, reflecting the quality of our produce, the reliability of our standards and the diversity of our culture. As the Chinese demand for Australian dairy products and vitamins shows, this is a national asset.

As the Financial Review's Top Restaurants event has grown over the past three years, it has drawn the pick of the crop of the nation's restaurants to discuss the business of food and hospitality. The theme of yesterday's food forum, summarised by Rockpool Dining Group CEO Neil Perry was that, without profitable businesses, our restaurateurs and chefs couldn't be as creative as they are, or pay their staff well, or help with various worthy causes. As Merivale CEO Justin Hemmes pointed out, restaurants are winning from digital disruption as it makes it easier for people to socialise. The food boom is really part of an experience boom.

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