The Rag and Bone Man

paul firbank

Paul Firbank and Lizzie Gosling are the dynamic duo behind many of the machinery fittings in Automata at The Rag and Bone Man.

The old aircraft radial engine chandelier and downlights showcase Paul’s unique contemporary style of craftsmanship that combines the past with the present. Aged machinery, vehicle parts and modern scrap otherwise destined for the melting pot are collected from London’s scrap yards and grease shops, reworked, restored and re-energised into a wealth of bespoke objects.

Using traditional metalwork techniques and his time-honoured machinery Paul interweaves the histories and identities of the parts he finds into new forms and functions. It’s his talent for channeling the character and quirks of every component, reinventing each element into the contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories, for which The Rag and Bone Man brand has become renowned

The Rag and Bone Man reworks British traditions for a new generation of customers who are passionate about heritage, provenance and sustainability. This young couple are an example of resourcefulness and sustainable living for the 21st Century. Don’t be fooled by the name, they are not your run-of-the-mill rag and bone men, so I’m afraid there’s no point in calling them up about that mouldy old sofa in your garage; they won’t be coming round.

Each product is meticulously archived, which adds to the sense of ownership with each item baring its own individual tag including a unique hand stamped serial number with completion date.